GQS Approach

GQS takes up total turnkey projects, initializing from the given situation of a company till certification. Total Involvement of the employees / top management is key principle adopted for the purpose to make the system as their own system.
The main strength of GQS is the qualified, experienced and committed counselors from multidiscipline and hence adopts a multidisciplinary approach to the projects, which makes a unique identity of GQS, and they have provided consultation in almost all fields like, Engineering, Electronics & Electrical industries – Chemical, Oil, Petroleum & Process industries – Pharmaceuticals & related industries – Food Industries - Software – Services industries – Hospitals - Trading – Marketing –Banking industries & many more.

Road Map / Action Plan to Implement Standard/s

  • Assessment of the present system
  • Awareness Training to Key Members
  • Identifying & Analyzing function/Dept. specific procedures, manuals including Management (i.e. marketing, purchase, productions, stores, QA-QC, dispatch etc.)
  • Internal Audit Training to key members
  • Verifying & Reviewing of Management System Performance
  • Assessment by Third party Audit.